Photograph of a photo stand in board painted with stylised images of the Queen and a corgi. Two people, smiling, look through the holes cut out over the Queen and Corgi's faces. To the left, a large logo of the Platinum Jubilee has been added to the photo, along the top is the logo for Frampton Cotterell Parish Council, and to the lower right is a cartoon sticker of a camera.

For Queen & Corgi! – Photo Stand-In Board for the Jubilee

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council are calling all Kings & Queens, Princes & Princesses, and Monarchs of all descriptions to come along to the Brockeridge Centre this Jubilee Weekend and have YOUR photo taken as the Queen or her favourite Corgi. Lovely Jubilee!

We have a majestic new photo stand-in for all our parishioners to have fun with. You too can don the purple and show the world your Regal Self – or become a pampered pooch and show everyone you’re Top Dog!

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This crowning achievement of a photo stand-in was painted by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council’s very own in-house corgi – our Climate & Nature Officer, Daisy (the corgi in the photo…!). It will be outside the Brockeridge Centre from the 1st of June to the 7th of June, and you are all welcome to come and take photos!

Photograph of a Queen & Corgi photo stand in board. It is a large wooden board, about 6 feet tall, painted with stylised images of the Queen on her throne and a corgi wearing a crown. Oval holes have been cut out where the Queen's face and the Corgi's face would be, and two smiling people are looking through the holes. A cartoon camera sticker has been added to the top left of the photo, and along the top are the words "For Queen & Corgi!" in gold and purple calligraphic font.