Cricket Irrigation at The Park – Open for Quotes

Title: Cricket Irrigation at The Park

Reference: Cricket Irrigation

Location: The Park, School Road, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, BS36 2DA.

Deadline (EXTENDED): Quotes preferred to be received by 22nd April 2021, please contact us if flexibility is required.

Start Date: The start date is flexible, to start as soon as possible/available. Your approximate available start date should be stated within your quotation.

Department responsible: Projects, Frampton Cotterell Office.

Description: To install an irrigation system to supply x2 cricket squares with water, connecting a water tank to existing underground pipes (if applicable*) and existing hydrant boxes. The outfield is not watered. The largest square is 20.5m x 37m, thus water requirements must meet this size for use with the clubs’ plug in sprinklers. Domestic sled and tripod garden sprinklers are currently used by the clubs, but larger capacity sprinklers may be used in future. One tank of appropriate size is to be installed to supply both squares on the same site.  Smaller tank options preferred if applicable, but the most suitable tank size is to be decided by the contractor. All works to be WRAS compliant and fit within local water regulation guidelines.

For the full specification and appendices, please download the PDFs below:

Cricket Irrigation Contract Specification

Appendix 1 Map of Park Cricket

Appendix 2 pipe drawing PDF

Contact Daisy Finniear with any questions and to submit your quote: